For a brief history and chronology of the origins and conception of the Half Moon Bay Winery.
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Half Moon Bay Winery does not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers to grow the grapes.
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The Half Moon Bay Winery is currently nurturing new varieties of grape plants to provide a larger array of wines. For more information on the wines produced by Half Moon Bay Winery
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fieldOur vineyard vision began from a love of nature and a desire to cultivate and process our own grapes. Like all grape growers we wanted land that had optimum growing conditions….a gentle south facing slope, deep gravelly soil and good drainage.

sunsetWhat happened? Half Moon Bay Vineyard lies on this north facing limestone ridge (the ancient shore of Lake Iroquois) covered in 8 inches of Farmington loam, gravel and more rock. Our hearts won over our heads when we saw our first sunset over Half Moon Bay.

tractorThus, began a life of clearing rocks on the ridge overlooking Prince Edward Bay, at the junction of Half Moon Bay and South Bay (no shortage of bays).

We planted Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in the spring of 2005 and were rewarded in the fall of 2007 with a rich harvest. 2007 was an excellent hot dry summer for County grapes. In 2009 we planted Chardonnay, Riesling and Merlot. Our 2011 Riesling sold out quickly. We will release our first Chardonnay in the summer of 2012 and our first Merlot in 2013.

fieldThe vines love the terroir and these elements are reflected in our wines.



Where South Bay & Half Moon Bay meet... at Prince Edward Bay.